Persona 4 Arena Interviews And Live Demo's

There are many Persona 4 Arena interviews and demonstrations that have been shown with Atlus's Aram Jabbari. Here we have displayed the most informative ones. This may be extremely useful if your on the fence about purchasing the game or just wish to no more about it. In any case, definitely check these videos out. 

Aram Jabbari And GiantBomb QuickLook At P4A

GiantBomb and Aram Jabbari run through the different modes and features of Persona 4 Arena. Be sure to visit their youtube channel for much more video game content. 

Aram Jabbari And Ign Demo P4 Arena At E3

Another in depth look at Persona 4 Arena by IGN. Subscribe and check out their youtube channel for more

Aram Jabbari And Gamespot Demo P4 Arena

Gamespot has posted another in depth look at Persona 4 Arena. This i pretty much the same as the other vids. However, it does elaborate on certain areas.


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