How to deal with social anxiety in (2018)

Social anxiety

Social Anxiety explained in 2018

Great video explaining what social anxiety is. Check it out

Social Phobia | Social Anxiety

Overwatch Summer Games 2017 skins

Overwatch Summer Skins have been released. Go and enjoy yourselves with these amazing new outfits.


Dragon Ball Super Kale Meets Broly

Persona 4 Arena 2 Ultimax Sequel , New Info, Changelist

As most of you already no, Atlus and Arc System Works have recently announced a sequel to the Persona 4 fighting game franchise. This time however, it contains a very strange, yet badass name. Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold will be coming to arcades this fall in Japan. This entry is not just a simple update, it contains new characters, new moves, new stages, new combo's and much more.

Persona 4 Arena 2 (Climax) Change list and Videos

As you all no, the location test for the sequel to Persona 4 Arena took place this past weekend in Japan. Fortunately, many players took note of the many changes that each character has encountered. Below is a link to a list of the current known nerfs and buffs.

We have also included a link to all the videos that were captured featuring Junpei, Yukari, Shadow characters and specific changes.

Persona 4 Arena 2 Sequel Announced

At long last, Persona 4 Arena is finally getting updated. This news was announced last week with a playable build being locally tested in Japan. The sequel adds two new additional characters from Persona 3, Junpei and Yukari.

Interestingly, every character now has a shadow form of themselves. These versions  have more offensive options, but are extremely lacking on the defense department.

All we need now is Minato from Persona 3 and some more characters from Persona 4.

Make it happen Arc/Atlus.