Persona 4 Arena Soundtrack

Despite being a fighting game, Persona 4 Arena has quite a good soundtrack, especially when compared to other titles.

Here we have all of the characters background music, the menu themes, the Persona concert and a few extras. These have been uploaded by PersonaWorldVanitasVT, and SoulBeatMe on Youtube, so please visit their channel and support them by subscribing.

Persona 4 Concert in Tokyo

Yu Narukami Theme

Yosuke Hanamura Theme 

Chie Satonaka Theme

Yukiko Amagi Theme

Kanji Tatsumi Theme

Naoto Shirogane Theme

Teddie Theme

Aigis Theme

Mitsuru Kirijo Theme

Akihiko Sanada Theme

Labrys Theme

Shadow Labrys Theme

Elizabeth Theme

The following themes have been uploaded by VanitasVT. Visit and subscribe to his youtube channel for more. :)

Persona 4 Your Affection Theme

Persona 4 Heartbeat Heartbreak Theme

Persona 4 New Days Theme

Persona 4 Reaching Out For The Truth Theme

Persona 4 Pursuing My True Self Theme


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