Persona 4 Arena 2 Ultimax Sequel , New Info, Changelist

As most of you already no, Atlus and Arc System Works have recently announced a sequel to the Persona 4 fighting game franchise. This time however, it contains a very strange, yet badass name. Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold will be coming to arcades this fall in Japan. This entry is not just a simple update, it contains new characters, new moves, new stages, new combo's and much more.

The most noticeable change is the ability to choose between a regular fighter and their shadow counterpart before a match.

If you have not seen the latest trailer, check it out below.

The following post will detail all the changes and information that is currently known about this game. It will be updated on a regular basis as more information becomes available. :)

New Characters Announced 

So far Atlus and ASW have announced 3 brand new characters to the game, two of which have been the most requested since the release of the original title. Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeba from Persona 3 have finally been added. Interestingly, ASW have stated that Junpei is a coach for a boy's baseball team, whilst Yukari is a model.

The biggest surprise to this trailer is the addition of Sho Minazuki. Nothing is known about this character as he is completely new to the series. Some have speculated that he actually Yu Narukami's shadow, whilst others believe he has something to do with Persona 5. In any case, we hope that he is an evil character as the game is severely lacking in this area.

As we previously mentioned, shadow characters are now available for every fighter except Elizabeth and Shadow Labrys. For those who don't no, shadows are the darker side of each character. They are the manifestations of a persons insecurities, unacceptable impulses and desires.

Along with have new attacks, shadow characters wont be able to use the Burst feature. Instead, they will have their own unique system known as "Shadow Rampage".  This is activated by pressing the A,B and D together when your SP gauge is at max. Once this mode is activated, you'll have unlimited access to SP skills and boosts for a set period of time. Various moves and combos will now join together that were not previously possible. Think of those custom combos from Street Fighter Alpha.

The above screenshot shows the two different types of Naoto's that are available when selecting a character. More interestingly however, is the fact that there are more blank character spaces throughout the display. We're hoping that at least 3 more fighters are added when this becomes available on consoles. 

In addition, this game was publicly available to play throughout Japan over the weekend. Here are some of the major changes that players noted compared to the original title. 

General Changes

Shadow characters can do awakening supers if they are at 100 meter
Shadow character intro animations are different、shadow yukiko is a total bitch
Fatals might do 20% on first hit rather than 10%
Backdash > air specials removed? (unconfirmed)
Roll still has 1F projectile invulnerability from first location test, recovery still vulnerable
Can now combo into throws blazblue style?

They have added many more background themes to the game
P4 characters mirror match now plays P4G battle theme "Time to make history",
P3 female characters plays "Wiping all out" and P3 shadow characters plays P3 boss fight,
P4 shadow characters plays their own shadow dungeon theme. 

New S Hold system

You can now hold the A button to charge up a meter that appears on screen. Based on the level that you release the button on, you will get either an EX move, Super, or Awakening special. You cannot charge up to an awakening special unless you are in awakening mode. 

For a full list of changes that are character specific in terms of moves, combos, and abilities, please visit the following link. (List of changes)

DengekiOnline has also released an interview with the directors of this new entry. Here they talk about character balance, location tests and the fans. (Interview)

SLINKFM have uploaded a podcast discussion taking about Ultimax, and the long awaited RPG sequel, Persona 5 (Click here for Podcast Discussion)

UncontrollableGamers have uploaded an analysis video of the new trailer. This one is pretty long, so grab yourself a drink :)

Other than that, not much more has been revealed. Hopefully in the coming months we'll get some more information about this amazing game. In the mean time, here are some fan requests from the community on what characters they would like to see in the next entry.

Character Fan Requests

Naturally, when a new game is announced, the internet becomes flooded with fan requests. If ASW are indeed going to be adding new fighters to the arcade and console port, then the majority of the fans want the following characters.

Makoto Yuki (Minato) 

Even if the Persona 3 main character is not in the actual story, please put him in the game for Fan service. It would be cool if his alternative costume was Minako from Persona 3 Portable.

Adachi Tohru

Another fan favorite alongside Makoto Yuki. This sequel needs more characters of his nature.

Margaret, Theo and Igor

We already have Elizabeth, so why not add the rest of the velvet room staff into the mix. We're not to sure how Igor would fight however. :)

Dojima and Nanako

Everyone's favorite uncle. There have been rumors that he was originally suppose to be in the first game. Atlus however, decided against his inclusion as his Persona was Nanako.

Rise Kujikawa

We're not to sure how she would fight, but she is another favorite among the cast. If Pheonix Wright can be in a fighting game, then anything is possible.


The girl from the beef bowl restaurant would also be awesome. Although she only appears in the anime, she would make a nice entry.


Although he isn't a die hard fan favorite, it would be nice to see Ken in a more grown up form. Then again, his height probably hasn't increased in the last few years. :)

More information coming soon.


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