Persona 4 Arena Reviews

Persona 4 Arena has only been out for a short amount of time and has already got outstanding reviews. Here we display some of the most comprehensive videos that really describe the game to its fullest. This is a mixture between both professional gaming sites and a number of different youtube personality's.

Persona 4 Arena Review By Gametrailers

Gametrailers reviews are truly indepth and describe the good and bad points when reviewing a title. Check out their Youtube channel for more. 

Persona 4 Arena Review by UltimateChance AKA Whitey. 

UltimateChance is awesome. He will tell straight up if a game is worth getting and go into massive details on both the positive and negative aspects. Check out his channel for a ton of other reviews. 

Persona 4 Arena Review by  Bloodburger

BloodBurger shares his thoughts on P4A. check out his channel for more. 


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