Akihiko Sanada Moves/Combo's

Welcome to the Akihiko Sanada Moves/Combo's page. The following videos demonstrate all of the characters command moves and both complex and practical combo's.

ATLUS Offical Moveset For Akihiko

P4A Akihiko Combo Video 1 By The Midnight Arena

The MidnightArena  has posted a combo video which demonstrates some Bnb's and practical combos to use with Akihiko during a fight. Checkout their youtube channel for more. 

P4A Akihiko Combo Video 2 By The Midnight Arena

Here is a second combo video from the Midnightarena.

P4A Akihiko Combo Video 3 By The Midnight Arena

Here is a third combo video from the Midnightarena.This one is very long. 



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