Yosuke Hanamura Moves/Combo's

Welcome to the Yosuke Hanamura Moves/Combo's page. The following videos demonstrate all of the characters command moves and both complex and practical combo's.

ATLUS Offical Moveset For Yosuke Hanamura

P4A Yosuke  Basic Combo Video By Jourdal

Jourdal has posted a video on his youtube account demonstrating some very basic and practical combo's with Yosuke. Check out his channel for more. 

P4A Yosuke Combo Video By TheMidnightArena

The MidnightArena has posted a nice combo video for Yosuke demonstrating some of his potential.

P4A Yosuke Combo Video 2 By Jourdal

Jourdal has uploaded yet another video. This time it features 11 minutes of intense Yosuke combo's. Check out his channel for more.


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