Persona 4 Golden Is OUT!!!! + Site Information

Finally, Persona 4 Golden is available to purchase in the west. The best part about this is that it is completely region free, so anyone can play it. Those who are uncertain about getting this should definitely reconsider. Persona 4 Golden contains well over 100 hours of gameplay and a ton of extra content. If you completed the original title back on the PS2, this is still a must play. Atlus has put in a great amount of work into this game and it definitely shows.

Visit your local game store to purchase this amazing Vita title. Those in Europe go to Amazon and import it right away.

Finally, the site has been very quiet lately, that however is about to change. We were originally going to wait for Persona 4 Arena to come out in Europe before expanding the site and adding even more content. Unfortunately, Zen United still haven't given us a release date so we've decided to expand NOW!!!

I hope all of you stick with us.

Have a great Thanksgiving and an awesome day.


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